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OK great you’ve seen the movie, you’ve got a great food idea and you think you are ready to roll into the world of food trucks. But are you ready?
Here’s a quick fire checklist to see if you have what it takes.
With no fixed location for most food trucks, operators need to keep their customers informed of their daily locations, menu items and specials. Facebook and Instagram are the go to platforms for food truckers but Twitter and Snapchat have their fans too. The world of social media and digital marketing can be overwhelming but you will need to embrace this if you are to build your food truck empire. It’s your signage, your shopfront and your menu boards all rolled into one so if aren’t already posting selfies, instaworthy food shots, checking in all over town and constantly updating your mood – then get on it.
I’ll give you the truth – operating a food truck is great fun but it is an incredible amount of work. You need to “live it or leave it”. You will no longer be known by your first name but as the ‘Burger Guy’ or the ‘Juice Lady’ and you’ll love it. Surround yourself with the right people that buy into your vision and you are well on your way to having a great business and a great time to boot. Sure its a food truck but who’s behind the counter is a big part of why we love food trucks. Think of your favourite truck and I bet you just love the vibe and the upbeat people behind the grill. They are passionate and they love seeing your smiling faces munching into the fare that they have spent hours preparing. They feed off feeding you!!
If YOLO and you ROTFL without ever considering MYOB with the ATO then we gotta talk numbers. Your business’s health is the most important characteristic to keep your focus on. You can have all the likes and followers, serve the best cruisine on the planet but if the numbers don’t add up, you got issues with tissues. Some basic business principles will get you headed in the right direction but if you have wishes left, I’d ask for a mentor who has been there and can pass on some of that invaluable advice FOC!
If you have ever looked through Trip Advisor you’ll have noticed that the one thing people get most passionate about is customer service. They can love the food but that is soured by the snarl of a waitress or the arrogance of a server. And a food truck is no different. Smile, laugh and joke cause its all fun and games…. and dont forget the sauce on the side please. Nothing need be an issue and everything can be done (within reason) so give it a go, say ‘yes sure!’ and keep rolling. Pretty quickly you will see that the big serving window is just a big mirror and people will smile back at you whenever you throw one out there first. Pretty soon you will be known as the fun truck with amazing food and that is powerful.
Speak to any veteran in the food truck world and they will always tell you that ‘things are constantly changing’. What they thought they wanted to do when the started is not what they are doing now. That is because they have made the jinks and the swerves and adjusted their approach over the years.
Everything changes so welcome change as an opportunity not a threat or a hassle and you will stay ahead of the pack. Looking forward will leave you excited about tomorrow and keep your eyes on your own business and not on the competition.


  1. Hi Team love to join. cheers john

  2. love to join team..cheers john

    1. sandra

      Hi John,

      We have sent you an email. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

  3. Alison

    Hi. I’d like to find out how I get on your ‘food truck’ list?
    I run a drinks cart selling boutique locally sourced coffee, loose leaf teas, juices, milkshakes & smoothies. I am finding it extremely difficult to get into any of the local markets, council parks or to even get a council approved roadside permit.
    I am very passionate about my cart and customer service, customer satisfaction and providing excellent products are my ultimate aims. My dream is slowly becoming a nightmare! I invested all my savings in setting my cart up and I am determined to make it work but I just need a helping hand, please.
    Thanks for your assistance,
    Kind regards,
    Alison (Shock)

    1. sandra

      Hi Alison,
      We are happy to help as best as we can. Give us a call and we can have a chat.

  4. Anna

    Hi there,
    I just wanted to know if there is a date in july 2017 for the Gold Coast botanical gardens benowa?

    1. sandra

      Hi Anna,

      I have sent you an email.


  5. Hi nearly up and running and wanting to be part off the GC food trucks. How do I register for up commjng events
    Regards Kim

    1. sandra

      Hi Kim,

      Best thing to do is fill in the application form if you meet the requirements. If not we are happy to have you be on our database.

      Hope your week is great!


  6. Michelle Patrick

    Hi All

    I have just picked up my food trailer and am ready to start my new adventure
    I am Tru Blu Tucker selling Aussie burgers, steak & sausage sangers, nuggets, chips and drinks.
    I saw there was an opening for an Aussie trailer as we don’t have anyone to represent us.

    So I do hope that to be part of your team

    Michelle Patrick

  7. Food trucks are booming nowadays. Since people tend to love food and also tend to need food to live, this is a very good thing for everyone involved. Owning and operating a food truck is a great way to get your entrepreneurial career started.

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