Q: What is the minimum number of people I need to have a truck cater a private party?
A: There is no set minimum however like all businesses, each truck operator is different. Some might ask for at least 50 where as others will be happy to cater for less.

Q: What is the cost per person for catering?
A: This really does depend on how many people you have attending. Trucks need to cover their costs so an operator will usually have a minimum charge that needs to be met.
Its recommended to tell the food truck operators your budget so they can tailor make you a menu and quote. They are busy people and will need all the information to best serve your needs without wasting anyone’s time in the process.

Q: How many trucks do I need?
A: Again this depends on so many other factors. If you want to serve multiple guests, a variety of food in a short amount of time then you might need to consider more than one truck. Just be aware, if you do get two or more trucks the combined cost may be more than if you use just one. But multiple trucks lined up are pretty impressive!

Obviously, if you want a variety of cuisine then you will need more than one vendor. Experienced food truck operators know their maximum output so discuss this with them.

Q: Is there a different cost for weekdays and weekends?
A: Demand for food trucks on a weekend is high so often the costs are higher. If you are flexible with dates and timings talk to the food truck operator and negotiate.

Q: Can we just get a truck to come out and have people buy their own food?
A: Unfortunately too many food trucks have bad stories about this type of catering and rarely will anyone agree to these conditions. If you do find a truck that will ‘roll the dice’ with your guests actually turning up and eating, this will usually attract a hefty call out fee. You are much better off contracting the food truck and coordinating the payment between you and your friends / family.

Q: I want to hire multiple trucks for an event. Do you do that?
A: We certainly do. We work closely with the best food trucks here on the Gold Coast and can help organise an event. Take away the stress and worry and contact us today.

Q: Which truck is the best?
A: Different trucks have different qualities and customers love different trucks for all types of reasons. The food styles vary greatly between trucks, the operators are all so different and even the trucks themselves look completely different. Best thing to do is to follow the links through to the truck’s websites or social media and create a short list. From there you can visit the trucks and try their food, talk to the people and even ask your family or friends. Always good to check our their reviews too.

Q: Is there a major difference between a truck and a trailer?
A: There are some big differences but ultimately the quality of the food is not affected by whether it comes from a truck or a trailer. Trucks are usually bigger, are roll in and roll out and do not take so long to set up. Trailers are pulled by vehicles that need to be manoeuvred into position. They are lower to the ground and much lighter. It’s important to mention any site restrictions with the food trucks when booking. Is it level? Is there enough room to park?

Q: Are food trucks safe to eat from?
A: Absolutely. Every food truck listed on this website has the Mobile Food Vendor approval from the Gold Coast City Council and is fully insured with public liability. Food trucks are routinely inspected by health officials (a typical restaurant will be inspected once a year where as a food truck is visited 6-7 times) and must comply with strict guidelines enforced by the local authorities. . Food truck kitchens are publicly on display every time they are cooking. You can see your meal being prepared in front of you!

Q: Do food trucks need power and water access?
A: It is a requirement that all food truck and trailer operators are sufficient with power and water. If generator noise is an issue, please let the operators know and provide an alternative.

Q: I have guests with food intolerances. Do you cater for them too?
A: Our listed food trucks on this site are food service professionals who take pride in offering a ‘top shelf’ service to their customers. They are all flexible and personable and are happy to discuss modifications to menus to suit those unfortunate to suffer from intolerances and allergies.