Food Trucks leaving you waiting in line?


Avoid wasting time and money with these insider’s top tips

We love food trucks and we love food truck events but we don’t love waiting in line forever. With the popularity our favourite food trucks are enjoying, waiting is inevitable but here are some tips to make sure it’s all worth the wait.
Food truck line ups in USA

1.  If you can, eat outside of major meal times. Obvious right?

Either get in early or head down late but lining up with everyone else in the middle of lunch or dinner will result in maximum wait times. Guaranteed.
A food truck event will often run for four or more hours so get your smarts on and plan ahead.

2. Check the condition of the food coming out of the trucks

When things get crazy in a food truck and the line up is stretching far towards the never never, the pressure is intense. It takes a cool team of operators to ensure the standards are consistent and each meal is perfect no matter how busy they are. Waiting for food is one thing but getting substandard food after waiting is not cool.

3.  Don’t look at the length of the line – Check the speed at which it is moving

A long line always means a popular truck but it can mean that the food truck is not keeping up with the orders. Be mindful that a well organised, well stocked truck with the right menu can get the  food out so fast that their lines might actually be really short. So when you are deciding which truck to eat from be mindful that its not all about the length of the line but rather how quickly  the truck can move through the orders.

4.  Often (but not always) speed comes with experience

If the people running the food truck are working hard and happy there is a very good chance they are good at what they do and have been doing it for awhile. They will have refined their menu to  remove the items that slow down the service but still offer delicious meals. Look for these guys and you might just reduce your wait time.
Disclaimer – The trucks who have been around for awhile might also be the most popular. Catch 22!

5.  Be understanding and ask about the wait time 

It’s important to remember that regardless of size, any kitchen that prepares your food fresh and has 100 plus people arrive and place orders will be under the pump. So be patient!
Once you have picked your truck and placed your order, ask the server as to the wait time. It’s usual for these festivals to be outdoors in beautiful parks/reserves so make good use of your time and play with the kids, cuddle your partner or chat with friends. Before you know it, your number will be called and you’ll need to excuse yourself as you pass by the people who are standing around the truck with frowns and folded arms.
Waiting patiently!

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