Planning a Food Truck Wedding? Why your Grandma is gonna freak out…


Planning a Food Truck Wedding?

Weddings are a big deal and everyone wants your big day to be memorable for all the right reasons.

And your Grandma is no different. But when you suggested food truck catering, if you didn’t see it in her eyes… she freaked TF out!! Its nothing against food trucks, but you are going to have to bring her up to speed on exactly what she can expect and that its not the end of the world as she knows it.

So this is what she thinks….

Everyone will be lining up on a street corner, receiving a take away box of boring brown food and the choices will be a fried sausage or a cheap, greasy pizza. You’ll need to sit on the ground which is going to be terrible for her bad knees not to mention the grass stains on your dress.

But in reality with food truck weddings you have amazing choice in food styles, its made fresh and definitely cost effective. The trucks are professional food operations with seasoned chefs and experienced front of house service. So give your Nana a hug and reassure her with these 4 reasons why food trucks are the best thing ever for your special day.

The local Bowlo does an awesome steak sandwich but this is the Gold Coast and we have some amazing natural outdoor spaces. Get outside and take advantage of them with a self sufficient, roll in commercial kitchen.

She doesn’t quite understand it but current house prices are crazy but with a food truck wedding you just might be able to afford to have both in your lifetime. With catering prices starting at around $20 per person you’re free to invite more guests. Guests like your Grandma’s neighbour who looks out for her!

Steak Diane, Prawn Cocktail and even Pavlovas… Just tell Nana that anything is possible. Crooozine from around the world is available from food trucks these days. Jump on and check out the choice. And who wants to line up? Ask about cocktail service with canapés, platters (hold the Coon), table service with plates and even degustation.

It’s just damn cool and different like bell bottoms, lava lamps and afros… everything has it’s time and food trucks are hot right now!