Another season of Married At First Sight but still no food truck wedding?

Another season of Married At First Sight but still no food truck wedding? 
We think the experts got it wrong again by sticking to a traditional wedding reception when choosing to marry complete strangers! Roll in the food trucks and let the real fun begin. 
From low key backyard parties to all out carnival type celebrations, food truck weddings are definitely the hottest ticket in town right now. In this quick blog, we will take a look at the mistakes people make when planning a wedding reception and how getting a food truck to cater your big day is a much better choice.  
According to a prominent Australian wedding planning site, Australians are spending an average of $100 per head on catering for an average of 100 people per wedding. That’s an eye watering $10,000 AND remember that is an average. 
An incredible food truck caterer will be able to deliver something of equal or better quality for a third of that.
Saving money does not mean that you need to compromise on quality. Remember your average food truck operator has years of experience in the hospitality industry. They are progressive and have chosen an alternative to high rents, restrictive wages and expensive restaurant fit out costs. They are focused on great customer service and delicious cuisine without the added cost of unnecessary extras. 
Street food is seen as casual, fun and less formal which means you and your guests can cut loose and enjoy yourselves more.
OK so we’re guessing you thought food trucks might be cheaper and more fun but did you think about these?
  • The planning of your wedding suddenly becomes less stressful when you remove the problems of seating plans and name cards. Imagine not having to worry about sitting certain family members or friends at the back of the room. Phew, you’re welcome. 
  • Your guests can choose what they’d like to eat instead of having to ask the person next to them if the’d like to swap….. not really!
  • The meals are cooked to order, fresh and hot. It comes out of the kitchen and straight into your hands. 
  • Forget about the food costs…. Get your head around the amount of money that you are going to save with alcohol. If you chose a venue that allows food trucks, you’ll probably find they allow you to bring your own alcohol too. 
  • Make the day (or night) about you and your special people. We think the flow of the reception should revolve around you so stopping everything and requesting your guests take their seats seems crazy to us. Keep the party flowing and let your guests eat when they’re hungry. It’s not a school lunch. 
  • Don’t be restricted to a ceremony location that is close to your reception. Bring the reception to where you want to be. Spoiler alert…. Food trucks have wheels so let your imagination run wild and think about how amazing a rainforest wedding or a beach wedding might be.
So if tradition isn’t your thing and you’d like to organise your special day around what you like, then check out our amazing range of food trucks at and request a wedding catering package
It’ll be love at first bite!