The Naked Spud

Traditional English Jacket Potatoes

Cooked to perfection in our traditional King Edward ovens, our Naked Spuds are fluffy on the inside and crispy skinned perfection on the outside.

Our fillings are all home-made, delicious, nutritious and all gluten free. We offer a variety of fillings from all your old favourites like Sour Cream & Chive, English Recipe Baked Beans and Cheese to our gourmet range, including Coronation Chicken and our Gold Coast favourite ‘Spud Dog’, a quirky cross between a good old Aussie BBQ and English Bangers and Mash!

  • Sat Evening

    Screen it Film Festival

    Helensvale Cultural Centre

  • Sun

    Pizzy Park Food Truck Picnic

    80 Pacific Ave, Miami QLD 4220 11am - 6pm