The Kitchen Garden Grill

Mexican & Asian fusion, South American barbecue

The Kitchen Garden has a multicultural vision about food. We take only the highest quality products, to offer the best “fusion” matching popular and never seeing dishes before. Asian “burritos or nachos” or Nepalese flavoured “Pork Torta” (Mexican roll)? Chef Eduardo (Eddie) have been using different cooking techniques to reach the best flavours ever, also keeping it healthy as possible. This mix in our cuisine isn’t just a coincidence, is knowledge acquired over years of professional cooking. We work with small local farmers, artisan bakeries, boutique wineries and breweries, The Kitchen Garden is able to provide the flavours you never seen before. Wether you are going meatless, halal, avoiding gluten or vegan there is a Kitchen Garden meal for you. All the special dietitian requirements are available anytime. Talk to the chef.

Our Head Chef Eduardo has extensive experience (over 10 years). From fine dinning restaurants to catering and bars. Eddie has done it all several times over, so you can rest assured you’re in very good hands. We can also create a beautiful setting to complete the feel with bunting flags, festoon cable lighting, classic props and much more… We’d love to talk to you about how we can help to make your special day even more memorable.